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Nine Tips for Telling a Better Social Media Story with Real Estate

Hello, Justice Group! I hope these ideas below inspire you, please help me help you by thinking of and sharing this content with me!


1. Buying Anniversary

Remembering the anniversary of a client’s past home closing is a wonderful way to make previous clients feel like they’re important to you. They’ll like remembering that day, too. Plus, you’ll get your name in front of their friends.

  • If possible, get a picture of the client(s) in front of the home or in the home (a photo from closing day will do.)
  • Focus on the people in the photo and, if you can, how they’re enjoying their home.
This is a perfect example!

2. Client Closing

Celebrate your happy clients! You’ve all worked hard to close on this home, so give everyone a shout out for making it happen. An important note, though: closing photos are frequently done and are often a complete snoozefest. Make the closing post memorable by including a few details about your clients, the transaction, or their new home. Tell a story! This is just like the one we did for Tracy Briggs:

3. Community Service or Events

It seems like you are often helping out in your community or at a community event of some kind. Sharing about the causes and organizations you care about is the best way to show people that you’re invested in making the place you live a better one.

  • Share photos of you and your team in action.
  • Focus on the cause rather than yourself.
  • Include ways people can help if they’re inclined to do so.
Something like this!

4. Happy Birthday or Anniversary (or Other Occasion)

Does someone on the team have a birthday? Do you know of a birthday or wedding anniversary of a client? Remind people in your office of how great they are. If people on your team reach other important milestones, make sure to remember those milestones.  Our followers love news like this because info like this is exactly why people are on Facebook.

  • Tell a little bit of the story, if you can.
  • Include a picture of the person, or even better, a picture of the celebrating!

5. Just Sold

This is a common social media post and they aren’t particularly special. BUT, we do think they can work if you tell a story about the closing. If it was an especially difficult home to sell or if it somehow helped a client fulfill a bigger dream, this kind of post can be a good one.


“Just sold this home in 1 day and made tons of money for my amazing client! We worked so hard to get this done and can’t wait to help you next. Just call us at 999-999-9999, and we’ll do all the hard work for you!”


“John got an unexpected job transfer in March and had to leave his home very suddenly. He was worried about selling his home from 2,000 miles away, especially in the dead of winter in a neighborhood where homes typically take months to sell. It took some unconventional marketing, but John’s home sold in just a few months for $700,000, which freed him to buy his new dream home. We wish him all the best!”

  • Include a nice shot of the home.
  • Include details, details, details!

6. Partnership/Business Spotlight

Have a partnership with a local business? Or have a local business that you’d like to spotlight? Create a post and get some photos with everybody! You can also do something much less formal—if you’re eating at a new restaurant, for example, snap a picture of your lunch and send it to me! Maybe we can do something like this with Nash’s?

  • Tag people from your personal profile, or, if they have a business page, tag the page.
  • Share a personal experience you’ve had with the company or tell the story of your partnership.

7. Personal Post

Every once in a while, people love to see posts from your personal life. If you’ve reached a big achievement or milestone, share it! If you’re going on vacation, share some photos.

  • Don’t be afraid to be too personal. This is exactly why people get on social media.

8. Thank You

As a real estate agent, you’re probably often the recipient of kindness from businesses and other people in the community. When you receive a gift, take a quick picture of it and post about it.

  • Tag the person (from your personal profile) or the business in the post.
  • Tell people how you enjoyed what was brought in—or better yet, show how you enjoyed it with a picture.

9. RECTOR HAYDEN News/Events

If you’re attending a Rector Hayden event, make sure people know about it. Posts like these build your prestige and expertise.

  • Include other employees, if possible, and tag them from your personal account.
  • Share a little bit about why you love working for them.

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