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We are a story-based brand strategy and marketing agency in Lexington, KY. We help businesses, brands, and non-profits tell better stories through the use of wordsmithing, design, websites, and social media. We will hand-craft your strategy, messaging, and marketing.


We truly believe that it is our stories that connect us to each other and deliver understanding. Without sharing our stories, there is no other way that we can connect to the people with whom we most want to connect.

mark walz brand strategy design marketing
Emily McGlone
LexStart Nutrition

I had ventured out to create my own website and after over a year of trying to manage this on my own I reached out to Mark for help. He far exceeded my expectations on the content and ease of allowing me to have access to it. He is very prompt to answer any questions and get the job done. After having Mark create my website my internet traffic has gone up and business is booming! I am so thankful for the skills he has, both in content creation and being so personable. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone who is looking for a new website to be designed!

mark walz brand strategy design marketing
Karl Mendelsohn-Manders
Continential Enterprises, Inc.
Founder and CEO

Mark was able to give us intuitive, responsive service. He transformed our website, converting an unwieldy jumble of disconnected content into a nuanced information resource that helps potential clients understand how our services can help them resolve highly specialized problems. Mark is always ready to help us maximize the value of his services, allowing our staff to invest our company resources where it’s most needed.

mark walz brand strategy design marketing
Lindi Campbell
Breath of Hope KY, Inc.

Mark was wonderful to work with! He had great ideas and took my project and ran with it! I could not be any happier with the finished product!

mark walz brand strategy design marketing
Joshua Kinney
Infinity News Network / TheJKinz / GNJUMC / Ocean City Sun

I have had the privilege of working with Mark on projects such as web design and functionality for a popular international news site, various social media strategies, print and digital design for citywide publications, and several logos. Mark’s work is top-notch, high quality, and extraordinarily effective. He goes out of his way to service customers and bring their ideas to life, often shedding creative light on what could otherwise be missed. Mark has an unrivaled eye for producing excellence and his quirky, fun-loving personality makes working with him a delight.

mark walz brand strategy design marketing
Jacob Mendelsohn
Intellectual Property Counsel

Mark Walz is a pleasure to work with. He not only has outstanding design skills, but he works hard to make sure that your expectations are exceeded. Mark Walz will also consult with his clients, providing innovative suggestions that will greatly expand your company’s marketing, sales, and brand recognition. With his reasonable pricing, attention to detail, and customer service skills, I highly recommend.


You don’t have the time to waste to start trying to figure out your brand and how this is all going to work. I’m sure you have plenty of ideas but are not sure what to do with it. The more you wait, the longer it is going to be until you have a fully realized brand. Let me help you get it all organized and set straight. Your brand’s story is waiting to be revealed. Let’s tell the story! What are you waiting for?


Vita Nutrition Services, LLC

Lex Start Nutrition

Continential Enterprises, Inc.