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WHAT IS sixth narrative creative?
branding, design, marketing, and creative agency.

Hi. I’m Mark Walz, Jr. I started Sixth Narrative creative for a few reasons but the first reason is because I love stories and I love story telling. Stories are the currency of our lives. Storytelling is powerful, the creative conversation of life, and it offers the clarity that literally nothing else can offer. Stories are the easiest way to share information, convey feelings, give empathy, and create meaningful experiences. I think this is why Jesus almost always chose to tell parables rather than explain bullet points.I loved to lead story based brand visioning sessions with non-profits, small brands, and small business.

On Sunday mornings at church, I am a “storyteller” in “The Wonder room” and I get to lead the children through the stories of the Bible through the magic of storytelling.

And on the last Sunday of the month, I usually spend my evenings at The Horses Mouth Storytelling event, either telling stories or listening to personal and powerful true stories, from diverse members of my town. 

The other main reason I started Sixth Narrative Creative is because good art, good design, good website, and good marketing are not within reach for most people, non-profits, businesses and brands. They just can’t afford it. And that is NOT OK. I am able to bring affordability as well as high value and high quality to my clients and that is something that is super important to me!

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Mark Walz, Jr.
Head Creative

We truly believe that it is our stories that connect us to each other and deliver understanding. Without sharing our stories, there is no other way that we can connect to the people with whom we most want to connect. 

Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.

Robert McAfee Brown

You don’t have the time to waste to start trying to figure out your brand and how this is all gonna work. I’m sure you have plenty of ideas but are not sure what to do with it. The more you wait, the longer it is going to be until you have a fully realized brand. Let me help you get it all organize and set straight. Your brand’s story is waiting to be revealed. Let’s tell the story! What are you waiting for? Let’s chat. 


Get to know your brand and mission and vision


Determine your target audience


Work together to create and bring-forth your narrative and how will fit into your customer’s, client’s, or audience’s narrative.


Form your brand voice and personality


Simplify, clarify, “consistify”


Build your brand message and “elevator pitch”

We are looking forward to working with you to develop your brand identity.


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